The Declaration of Independence

Declaration 2

A carved Declaration of Independence. This is the result of my quest a few years ago when I set out to create a personal monument to the brilliance that is America. Being an introverted person, I had asked myself, "What can I contribute to America, this incredible country that has given me so much? I have so little in the way of 'social' skills (even after a few decades of public education!), but I want to do something to help keep the fires of liberty burning bright in America."

The answer came as I worked on various design projects, and I was musing on my various options. My wife and I had recently attended some local meetings of a patriotic nature, and the founding of this country was very much on my mind. The challenge had been issued in one of these meetings to memorize the Declaration Of Independence, and within a few days, as I sat pondering on the words of that sacred document, it came to me: "Why not carve a large copy of the original text of the Declaration?"

The idea was like a vision to me. What better way to show my love for this country than to engrave those immortal words in a big, bold statement of my own personal founding principles? To have something like this hanging on my wall would stand as a constant reminder of the liberties I enjoy, and the source from which they sprang.

So I set out to make my vision a reality. I spent weeks working after hours to see if it was possible. After weeks of searching, cutting, pasting, and tweaking, I had gathered the sources I needed to create my masterpiece. This website and the carved copy of the Declaration of Independence you see here are the result.

The Declaration Of Independence is the one that started it all. It combines the highest principles and thoughts on freedom into one, succinct declaration on the rights of man. The individual, not the state or the king, is sovereign. To be American is to be truly free. And to be truly free is to live a life of principle, governed by the principles that all men are born, yes created, equal; that all men are deserving of equal protection of life, liberty, and happiness in order to pursue success, and yes, even experience failure; and that government is only legitimate in preserving to each individual his right to pursue the life of his choosing, so long as that life does not infringe upon the life of his fellow American pursuing the same.

There have been few times as critical in the history of our nation than the times in which we now live. The very essence of what America should be is challenged on all fronts. That is why I'm offering my version of this sacred document to you. The principles it enshrined are needed as much today as when it was written, if not more so. Learn of it. Understand the principles it seeks to preserve. It is easy to forget those things that we are not reminded of, and the Declaration Of Independence is indeed one of those things that must never be forgotten. This copy will stand as a bold reminder to all who enter your home, your office, your place of worship, or wherever you place the Declaration, that you are, above all else, a lover of individual liberty.

Thank You!

The Free Carver

  • Hand-Finished
  • 46" wide by 54" high by 1/2" deep
  • Hanger cable for wall-mount display
  • Made to order. Please allow 2-4 weeks for shipment
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Price: $500.00
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